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First Niagara VIP has the Walken blues

CrosbyWriting about Gary Crosby, on the front page today, reporter Melinda Miller confessed to Buzz that although she likened him to George Bailey, Jimmy Stewart's character in "It's A Wonderful Life," there was a detail she wished she could have added.

She wished she could have included that in fact he looks a lot more like Christopher Walken!

There is no mistaking a certain resemblance. Buzz alluded to it back in, let us see, spring 2008, when Crosby was chief financial officer of the Buffalo Schools.

Walken3And Crosby got in touch! He told Buzz he was well aware that he had that Christopher Walken thing going on.

"I had a guy in the Elmwood Pet Shop tell me that he did security for Walken when he was in Buffalo for the Modigliani exhibit," Crosby wrote.

"He looked me over and said, 'You could be him.' "


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