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Food fight at the Broadway Market

2013-2-25 004

A friend dragged Buzz to the Broadway Market to partake in the pre-Easter hysteria. Normally we avoid the market at this crowded time of year. It is Amateur Week! But we went. We are happy we did!

It is great, we admit, to see the crowds. And the additional stands, the stands that are not there the rest of the year, selling tea and wine and chocolates and painted eggs, pictured above.

Waiting our turn at Petros Lupus meats, we were fascinated by the action behind the counter. It was hard to take a picture because everyone was always in motion. Lupus runs a tight ship and the line moved fast. One staffer had the job simply of standing at a microphone calling out people's numbers.

2013-2-25 010

Then there were the fights. We always love the Holy Week fights!

Buzz was selecting collard greens from Lewandowski Produce (99 cents a bunch, cheap!) when the girl at Lewandowski snarled at a Lupus customer for being in the way.

The Lupus shopper snarled back: "Well, where am I supposed to stand?"

At that point Buzz could not help it. We turned to the Lupus customer and said sweetly, "Come back next week, there'll be a lot of room."

We will be there!


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