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Food fight at the Broadway Market

2013-2-25 004

A friend dragged Buzz to the Broadway Market to partake in the pre-Easter hysteria. Normally we avoid the market at this crowded time of year. It is Amateur Week! But we went. We are happy we did!

It is great, we admit, to see the crowds. And the additional stands, the stands that are not there the rest of the year, selling tea and wine and chocolates and painted eggs, pictured above.

Waiting our turn at Petros Lupus meats, we were fascinated by the action behind the counter. It was hard to take a picture because everyone was always in motion. Lupus runs a tight ship and the line moved fast. One staffer had the job simply of standing at a microphone calling out people's numbers.

2013-2-25 010

Then there were the fights. We always love the Holy Week fights!

Buzz was selecting collard greens from Lewandowski Produce (99 cents a bunch, cheap!) when the girl at Lewandowski snarled at a Lupus customer for being in the way.

The Lupus shopper snarled back: "Well, where am I supposed to stand?"

At that point Buzz could not help it. We turned to the Lupus customer and said sweetly, "Come back next week, there'll be a lot of room."

We will be there!

Buffalo bank debuts Dyngus Day debit cards

Pay for your Zywiec in style!

M&T Bank has just rolled out designs for its Dyngus Day debit cards.

That is one of them up above! By the way Buzz was fascinated to learn that you can get vanity debit cards with your photo, your kids' artwork, whatever. Imagine the possibilities! But surely none cooler than the Dyngus Day cards.

We will be laughing all the way to the bank!

First Niagara VIP has the Walken blues

CrosbyWriting about Gary Crosby, on the front page today, reporter Melinda Miller confessed to Buzz that although she likened him to George Bailey, Jimmy Stewart's character in "It's A Wonderful Life," there was a detail she wished she could have added.

She wished she could have included that in fact he looks a lot more like Christopher Walken!

There is no mistaking a certain resemblance. Buzz alluded to it back in, let us see, spring 2008, when Crosby was chief financial officer of the Buffalo Schools.

Walken3And Crosby got in touch! He told Buzz he was well aware that he had that Christopher Walken thing going on.

"I had a guy in the Elmwood Pet Shop tell me that he did security for Walken when he was in Buffalo for the Modigliani exhibit," Crosby wrote.

"He looked me over and said, 'You could be him.' "


Cold weather comfort: We feel better already

Strong and effective therapy for this unseasonably, unreasonably cold first day of spring: the fashions at Terrapin Station.


That will be Buzz as soon as it warms up just a little!

There is also this cute skirt.


Buzz appreciates how they use the same shoes for both outfits. That is the Grateful Dead way, what the heck.

To complete your therapy may we suggest this:


March madness

This crazy March weather! The view in downtown Buffalo:

2013-2-15 001

2013-2-15 004

2013-2-15 009

Now it is clearing up! But let us remember it as it was.


Smoke on the waterfront

So obvious, but so funny, the picture going around Facebook. It appears to have started with the Western New York page.


There's whiskey in the jar


Today in Buzz: the post-St. Patrick's Day lineup at the Shannon Pub.

Quoth proprietor Kevin Townsell, pictured above: "The real test of a true Irish pub is what they're planning for the week AFTER the St. Patrick's Day's regalia has hit the wash."

Three cheers and a leprechaun to Kevin for his good humor.

And for his righteous public house!

The weirdness o' the weekend

Quick, which image is more hallucinogenic?

This one, snapped by Buzz's colleague Charlie Lewis at the St. Patrick's Day Parade?


Or this one ...

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Nap time at the Home Show

Buzz would have seen more of the Home Show except we made the mistake of walking into the Hybrid-Nation high-tech bed exhibit.

There was New Age music playing the lights were low.

End result, as we say here in Buffalo...

2013-2-15 012

A few friends joined us on the bed and we let the salesman talk ... and talk ... 

2013-2-25 002

He was from Outer Mongolia. We absorbed that much before dropping off.

Wonderful event, the Home Show.

We left feeling really well-rested!


10 things Buzz likes about Pope Francis


Buzz is enslaved today, shackled to our desk, too busy to deal with dogma or theology, but real quick, here goes: Ten things that appeal to us about Pope Francis, pictured above...

1. Can dance the tango. Could John Paul II do that? Huh? Could he?

2. Takes the bus as Buzz is wont to do. (Make that took the bus. In Rome he will probably have to kick that habit.)

3. Likes to cook!

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