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On the phone, the voice of a legend

RobertsLike a big, trumpeting elephant, the Giants of Buffalo Radio panel discussion event looms in our future. It is Friday! It is coming up fast!

And the voices are rising. Last week we quoted the stream-of-consciousness soliloquy of Shane, Brother Shane. And yesterday Buzz picked up our phone and heard the voice of Stan Roberts.

That was a thrill! We were away from our desk and Stan Roberts, whom we kept picturing looking the way he does in the picture at left, talked to the machine. He did not say anything much, other than very graciously thanking Buzz for mentioning him, but heck, he could be reading the Buffalo Common Council minutes and we would be happy.

Search for Stan Roberts airchecks on WBEN's Steve Cichon's page, Staff Announcer Dot Com. By the way that was where we cribbed our picture from. Thank you, Steve!

Joining Stan Roberts at Friday's event will be other great voices including Shane Brother Shane, Joey Reynolds, Danny Neaverth and Sandy Beach.

We have to agree with Shane's assessment of the event. 

Yesterday on Facebook, he said, "Things could get rowdy!"


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