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Pope Alarm drops the ball on Buzz

No fair, our Pope Alarm was late in letting us know about the white smoke!

By the time we got our promised text it had been a full three minutes since a co-worker had alerted us.

"I've been watching the live video feed," she said. "And I'm not even Catholic!"

It is fun, all the jokes going around Facebook. They're not mean. They're just funny.

WBFO's Bert Gambini posted this picture: "The Cardinals Celebrate" ...


On the phone, the voice of a legend

RobertsLike a big, trumpeting elephant, the Giants of Buffalo Radio panel discussion event looms in our future. It is Friday! It is coming up fast!

And the voices are rising. Last week we quoted the stream-of-consciousness soliloquy of Shane, Brother Shane. And yesterday Buzz picked up our phone and heard the voice of Stan Roberts.

That was a thrill! We were away from our desk and Stan Roberts, whom we kept picturing looking the way he does in the picture at left, talked to the machine. He did not say anything much, other than very graciously thanking Buzz for mentioning him, but heck, he could be reading the Buffalo Common Council minutes and we would be happy.

Search for Stan Roberts airchecks on WBEN's Steve Cichon's page, Staff Announcer Dot Com. By the way that was where we cribbed our picture from. Thank you, Steve!

Joining Stan Roberts at Friday's event will be other great voices including Shane Brother Shane, Joey Reynolds, Danny Neaverth and Sandy Beach.

We have to agree with Shane's assessment of the event. 

Yesterday on Facebook, he said, "Things could get rowdy!"

Adopt-A-Cardinal and Pope Alarm


Why sit back passively as the Pope is elected? Why let them blow smoke, pictured above, at you? Get involved!

Two sites that will help you do that:

1. Adopt-A-Cardinal. You go to this site and they assign you, at random, a cardinal to pray for. Buzz got a cardinal from the Netherlands with the greatest name. It is Willem Jacobus Eijk! Or Willem Jacobus Cardinal Eijk. We do not want our prayers to be tripped up by a technicality.

2. Pope Alarm! This site promises to notify you by email and/or text message the second the smoke turns white! As it says: "You may be asleep. You may be busy doing something else ... and miss the 'Habemus Papam'! (Latin for "We have a pope.")

Darn it all, Buzz cannot sign up. We tried. The site kept telling us that we were in error, that our number was already registered.

Bitterly, we complained to Howard, the guy we married.

He said, "The Pope probably signed you up already."

Songs in the key of aaaaiiieeeee

GymBuzz has always been a Beethoven and Mozart kind of gal. And let us tell you, it has never been easy.

For one thing you are tortured at the gym. Not by the machines. By the sound system. The stuff they blast at you!

Usually we suffer in silence. But last night, to our astonishment, a woman who was not us began complaining in the locker room of the Boulevard Mall Buffalo Athletic Club.

"I don't care! I don't care! I don't care!" she began chanting, mimicking the song.

Everyone standing around burst out laughing, Buzz most of all. We love complainers.

"Well," she said, "it's better than that song the other day. 'Big Booty.'

"Who wants that?" she asked rhetorically.

"Isn't that what we're here to eliminate?"

He's the Jolly Green Giant! He's a walking Dollar Tree! He's ....

2013-2-15 009

Holiday Man! Remember him? When The News' Anne Neville caught up with him in December, he was all decked out as a Christmas tree. Now he is painting the town green.

We were sent this rare snapshot of Holiday Man, whose real name is Bob Zeagler, posing with Mark Redlinski of Redlinski Meats.

May we direct your attention to the heart-shaped sign over his shoulder: "Always ... Free Hugs & Gravy!"

Gotta love Redlinski Meats.

Gotta love Buffalo!!


Vegas' Steve Lippia gives us lip

LippiaIt is good Monday morning therapy to chew on things that happened on the weekend. One thing that happened was, Vegas singer Steve Lippia sang with the Buffalo Philharmonic. 

The huge crowd at Kleinhans Music Hall included a the owners of a couple of famous voices around town. Buzz spotted crooner Charles Anzalone and radio talk show host Tom Bauerle. 

Lippia, pictured at left, gave the evening a great Vegas vibe.

In "The Lady is a Tramp," he sang: "Won't dish the dirt with the rest of the broads." Ha, ha!

He talked about songwriter Jack Reardon who wrote "The Good Life," famously sung by Tony Bennett. Lippia explained that Reardon was from Buffalo.

"There's a lot of good stuff that comes out of this town," he said.

Lippia himself comes from Connecticut originally. He asked how many people in the crowd were from Connecticut. There was some feeble applause.

"Good," Lippia beamed. "At least I have a ride home."

Expressway sign designed to make you crazy

You know that harrowing part of the 190 South, the part where you round the curve past the Skyway ...


... (we like to include a picture of the Skyway whenever possible)...

... and head toward downtown?

Today, there was one of those multimillion-dollar signs overhead reading: "SLEEP AWARENESS WEEK." Then it would blink and flash a different message.

The different message was something about don't drive drowsy, it causes accidents. Buzz could not retain it because we were too busy squinting at the letters. There was something that was, well, off.

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Baby bear goes viral


Our cute baby polar bear is in the national spotlight!

Pursuant to Buzz's admiration of the bear, the site BuzzFeed posted an entire album of him! Her, we mean. The bear is a girl.

BuzzFeed's headline is: "The Buffalo Zoo Baby Polar Bear Is Unreasonably Cute."

Our favorite picture is up above. Look at that bear! Unbelievable!

Here are others:



And an armful of happy bear! This one was taken by Derek Gee at The Buffalo News.


As was this one.


Who can bear this bear? It will be terrible one of these days when she grows up and is all mean and growly and threatening to claw us. How can that happen? When right now she loves people so much?

Buzz echoes BuzzFeed.

Why do they have to grow?

Willie, we hardly knew ye


The Tonawanda whale of a sale Buzz just reported on got us thinking of the other Tonawanda whale -- the Big Blue Whale car wash!

That whale was there when Buzz was a little kid and we used to beg our dad to take the car through it. The whale's name was Willie. We never knew that!

We are not the only one affectionate toward that whale. This scholarly Flickr page has pictures and letters -- click on them -- that were published about the whale over the years. Buzz got a kick out of a letter from a Tonawanda killjoy who found it "monstrous, ugly and completely distasteful." Hahahahaa!

Alas, the Save the Whale campaign failed.

And you wonder why so many cars are dirty this time of year.

This is why!

Shop-o-holic's estate sale: 'It's just too much'


George Ziemer, of Sandra Ziemer Estate Sales, alerts us to a whale of a sale coming up in Tonawanda. 

He says: "We've been in business 35 years, and we've never seen anything like it."

The owner of the estate was, or is, a shop-o-holic addicted to the Home Shopping Network. Actually it is not technically an estate sale because she has not passed on. She is moving and downsizing.

"We've been here with a full crew for days already," George reports. "The volume of things is amazing. She didn't have just one ring, she had rings in every configuration. She didn't have one of everything, she had several of everything. Over 650 watches, all in the box. Over 1,500 pairs of earrings. It's insane. The pictures can't even begin to describe it.

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