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3 signs of spring you can't argue with


1. The song of the mourning dove. Buzz heard it twice the other day, and in an urban area, too, near the Boulevard Mall.

2. Boom cars in front of our house, rattling our windows. Nothing so screams spring in Buffalo.

3. Best of all ...

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Expert tightwad shares coupon strategy


We knew that would grab everyone's attention!

This week, Tops has that special going where they double your $1 coupons. You present the coupon, along with one of their Coupon Doublers, and instead of $1 off something, you get $2 off. Why are we explaining this? You all know what we're talking about. That is a Tops checkout pictured, by the way, in the News file photo above.

Buzz contacted our resident coupon expert, Ryan Lysarz, who gave us advice once when we wrote a story on coupons for The News' business section. We asked him what his strategy was this week for capitalizing on this special.

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The cutest thing ever

ZOO (1)

If anything can get is through Monday morning it will be The Buffalo News' video about the new polar bear cub at the Buffalo Zoo.

So cute you cannot stand it.

This bear loves people so much!

Look, the staffer gets to rub its tummy! 

We can't believe how the staffer actually stops rubbing its tummy. How in the world would you stop? Buzz could not bear to leave that bear. We would be sleeping in the cage with it.

It is funny how the polar bear's appearance coincided with the Olcott Polar Bear Swim For Sight.

We must be bi-Polar!

Have a six pack handy...


Don't ask us how or why, but Buzz wound up on the St. Stanislaus Church Web site, reading this recipe for bigos. Bigos is a Polish hunter's stew you make in a crock pot.

You need a six-pack of Zywiec and reading the recipe you see why.


Actually the recipe looks pretty good. One of these days we will make bigos.

And follow the instructions, exactly!

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