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Shop-o-holic's estate sale: 'It's just too much'


George Ziemer, of Sandra Ziemer Estate Sales, alerts us to a whale of a sale coming up in Tonawanda. 

He says: "We've been in business 35 years, and we've never seen anything like it."

The owner of the estate was, or is, a shop-o-holic addicted to the Home Shopping Network. Actually it is not technically an estate sale because she has not passed on. She is moving and downsizing.

"We've been here with a full crew for days already," George reports. "The volume of things is amazing. She didn't have just one ring, she had rings in every configuration. She didn't have one of everything, she had several of everything. Over 650 watches, all in the box. Over 1,500 pairs of earrings. It's insane. The pictures can't even begin to describe it.

"We can't display it all. It's just too much. Two rooms dedicated to jewely alone, more rooms for shoes, a beautiful Victorian bedroom set, a marble-top dresser, 15 tubs of brand-new purses. And not just jewelry and clothes and shoes, she bought home appliances, small kitchen appliances."

Buzz, sympathetic with this shopper, chimed in that we had a few extra kitchen appliances ourself, sitting in the basement as spares.

"Yeah, but a couple hundred?" George shot back.

'Nuff said. The sale is at 127 Legion, Tonawanda. It takes place 9 a.m.-4 p.m. March 14-17. Watch The Buffalo News' classified section for more details, and pictures should be posted soon on the Ziemer website.

Greed, excess, call it what you will, we'll see you there!


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