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Vegas' Steve Lippia gives us lip

LippiaIt is good Monday morning therapy to chew on things that happened on the weekend. One thing that happened was, Vegas singer Steve Lippia sang with the Buffalo Philharmonic. 

The huge crowd at Kleinhans Music Hall included a the owners of a couple of famous voices around town. Buzz spotted crooner Charles Anzalone and radio talk show host Tom Bauerle. 

Lippia, pictured at left, gave the evening a great Vegas vibe.

In "The Lady is a Tramp," he sang: "Won't dish the dirt with the rest of the broads." Ha, ha!

He talked about songwriter Jack Reardon who wrote "The Good Life," famously sung by Tony Bennett. Lippia explained that Reardon was from Buffalo.

"There's a lot of good stuff that comes out of this town," he said.

Lippia himself comes from Connecticut originally. He asked how many people in the crowd were from Connecticut. There was some feeble applause.

"Good," Lippia beamed. "At least I have a ride home."


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