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402 Food Reasons To Love Buffalo

This new video has been making the social media rounds.

Josh Potter of 103.3 The Edge has Tweeted: "406 reasons to love Buffalo... 403 are Food Reasons, the other three are Sabres, Bills & St Patrick's Day. I'm moving."

Ha, ha! It is pretty funny when the video goes into high gear, inundating you with picture after picture of wings and beer and beef on weck, Fat Bob's and Gigi's and the Olympic Restaurant. It is like a food fight. Splat! Splat! Splat!

Speaking of which, here is something we can all agree on. Someone, obviously a Buffalonian, writes on YouTube:

"it would be better if you didnt have´╗┐ a seizure from the pictures going so damn fast. Slow the damn thing down and it would be 100X better."


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