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Buffalo Beats Toledo in Carnegie Hall Smackdown


Toledo is toast!

The number of hometown tickets sold for the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra's May 8 concert at Carnegie Hall has topped the number of tickets sold to Toledo citizens when their orchestra played Carnegie, two years ago. Both orchestras are participants in Carnegie Hall's "Spring For Music" Festival.

The BPO spoke of the bitter rivalry in The News a couple of weeks ago. Toledo music fans had bought 1,320 seats. The BPO was shooting for 1,350 to claim a solid win.

And we got it! The orchestra credits a ticket-donation campaign spearheaded by M&T Bank. That, and good old-fashioned Buffalo spirit and the rumor, unconfirmed, that Carnegie Hall would allow you to bring your beer to your seat. Oh, wait, we dreamed that last part. But if they promised that, sales would go through the roof.

"We are truly gratified by the response," BPO Executive Director Dan Hart said in a statement. "While it's an honor just to be selected for Spring For Music, having so many supporters along for the ride will make it so much more fulfilling."

For info on Carnegie Hall and BPO events, to buy tickets, or just to gloat, call 885-5000.


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