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Buffalo Improves on BPO's Carnegie Hall Repertoire


So Buzz is sitting here, listening to "Life Without Christmas" by Giya Kancheli, this piece the Buffalo Philharmonic is playing at Carnegie Hall next week. It is this kind of haunting piece of music that Kancheli, who was born in 1935, recalls the cold and oppressive atmosphere of the Soviet Union, when religion was outlawed.

There is weird scoring. The piece includes an electric bass, and strings, and piano, and the taped voice of a boy soprano, and, most impressively, the rumble of Stalin's tanks and machinery.

That rumble sounds most realistic, Buzz thought, listening admiringly.

Then .... oh wait.

It was the construction equipment outside our window! They had a big weight and were boring a pole into the ground.

Construction 002

Wow, this sort of makes the piece complete! Can we record this rumble and add it to our performance at Carnegie Hall? Or, better still, bring along the actual equipment?

After all, as JoAnn Falletta said in Saturday's News: "We aren't taking just the Buffalo Philharmonic to Carnegie Hall ... we're taking Buffalo!"


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