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Polish Tavern Flirts With Facebook

2013-4-24 017

Buzz admired this sign in a booth at Wiechec's. It is worth a thousand words! Or should we say, characters.

We could not wait to get on Facebook to see what Wiechec's, the great tavern at 1748 Clinton St., would have to say. Surely it would be clash of old- and new-fangled!

And lo....


And lo again...



And so it goes. Every day Wiechec's simply posts a photo of their menu! There are no other posts. Wiechec's has, hands down, the grayest page on Facebook.

So far there have been no Tweets on Twitter. Somehow that does not surprise us.

It's OK, Wiechec's. We are not complaining, not after tasting your mountainous meals.

Don't change a thing!



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