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BPO May Inspire Utah Man To Fly Here Permanently


Utah music fan David Sullivan, 34, loves Russian composer Reinhold Gliere so much that he is flying to New York on the red-eye tonight so he can be there at Carnegie Hall when the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra performs Gliere's rarely-performed Third Symphony.

Not only that, but Sullivan flew to Buffalo last weekend to catch both performances of the symphony at Kleinhans Music Hall!

"I love the neighborhood around Kleinhans," he told us. "If I were to move there, that's where I would want to live."

He had met JoAnn Falletta, the BPO's music director. "I quickly thanked her for programming this symphony," he said on the phone with Buzz. "It's so rarely heard." He had gone to Pausa Art House and had met its owner, UB trumpet professor Jon Nelson. It turned out Nelson knew a trumpet player David knew. He went to Niagara Falls and -- Buzz loved this -- the Tifft Nature Preserve.

What impressed him most of all was the famous Buffalo spirit and the city's support for the BPO on its historic 24th visit to Carnegie Hall, happening Wednesday night.

He could not get over the signs at the Buffalo airport!

"That just floored me," he said. "I love how the whole city supports the BPO."

Buzz popped the question.

"David," we said. "Do you think you might consider moving here?"

After all, he is single. He works in computers, the kind of work you can do anywhere.

We could hear David considering our question, a couple of time zones away.

"I might," he said. "I was thinking about that. I just might."



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