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Buffalo School Wins Inaugural Air Conditioning Award

Buffalo being the birthplace of air conditioning, let us toast this hot afternoon by conferring an award that shall surely turn out to be the first in a long and distinguished series.

It is an award for prominent and strategically placed window air conditioner!

With pride we present our first awardee.

2013-5-22 st. mary's 016


This is, of course, St. Mary's School For the Deaf.

It is possible we are starting at the top. St. Mary's sets the bar very high. The building is stately, beautiful and architecturally significant. It boasts several prominent window air conditioners but the one that really nets the school the award is the one perfectly, gloriously located, right over the cross placed over the grand front entrance.

Congratulations, St. Mary's School For The Deaf!

Very, very cool!


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