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Cafeteria With A View


Tuesday, a lot of ticket holders for tonight's Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra concert at Carnegie Hall were invited to a party at CNN's studios.

It was actually CNN's cafeteria. And it has a great view, pictured above in a picture ably snapped by BPO communications director Susan Schwartz. 

"What a great view that is," Buzz fell into the habit of saying, buying time as we scribbled in our notebook.

Then we said it to the wrong person! This Buffalonian, who does not want to be named, met our "What a great view" comment with a dismissive shrug.

"You should see my view," she snapped. She went on to discuss her home in Buffalo -- "It's like you're looking out at the countryside" -- and her home in Florida.

Then Buzz began bragging about the view from The News' cafeteria.

"You see grain elevators, and the river, and --"

We couldn't help it!

That is the Buffalo way. Nobody has it better than we do.




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