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Hep Cats Collide On Allen Street


No one is more hep than Brian "Dr. Jazz" Bauer, the Buffalo saxophonist who drives around in a vintage Studebaker and sprinkles his conversations with references to dead presidents, the Temple of Music, daguerrotypes, etc. That is a vintage Studebaker pictured above! You can see the attention it attracts.

The other night, a hot sultry evening, Dr. Jazz was relaxing on Allen Street between sets at Nietzsche's, chatting with fans. His Studebaker was parked nearby. 

A man lingered a few feet away, admiring the auto. Working up his courage, he interrupted Dr. Jazz.

"Excuse me," the stranger said. "I actually have the specs to that car!"

Dr. Jazz appraised him coolly and replied dismissively, "I have the entire manual." Unimpressed, he turned back to his friends. He added laconically: "Under the front seat."



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