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The Gig That Screams 'That Is So Buffalo!'

2013-5-24 cpg 001

Dive House Union, which played last night at the Central Park Grill, is a fine band that plays blues, the occasional Grateful Dead number, all kinds of great stuff. But that is just part of the fun.

Their really good keyboardist is announced with mention of his family's meat shop on Delaware. (It is Tom Scime, of Scime's Sausages.)

Their CD is "Live At Kleinhans."

Everyone gets weepy when a ballad goes out to a woman in the audience named Joanne.

You are able to brag to strangers that you have shared the stage with the saxophonist. (Most Buffalonians have been in a band at one time or another, and saxophonist Barry Arbogast played with Buzz now and then when we were in a jazz band, Ladies First.)

Someone's kid sits in on guitar.

2013-5-24 cpg 008

It is a weeknight but the bar is jammed, front and back, with people crowded in the doorway and spilling out onto the chilly patio.

Love the CPG and Dive House Union.

A Buffalo-style band!

Hep Cats Collide On Allen Street


No one is more hep than Brian "Dr. Jazz" Bauer, the Buffalo saxophonist who drives around in a vintage Studebaker and sprinkles his conversations with references to dead presidents, the Temple of Music, daguerrotypes, etc. That is a vintage Studebaker pictured above! You can see the attention it attracts.

The other night, a hot sultry evening, Dr. Jazz was relaxing on Allen Street between sets at Nietzsche's, chatting with fans. His Studebaker was parked nearby. 

A man lingered a few feet away, admiring the auto. Working up his courage, he interrupted Dr. Jazz.

"Excuse me," the stranger said. "I actually have the specs to that car!"

Dr. Jazz appraised him coolly and replied dismissively, "I have the entire manual." Unimpressed, he turned back to his friends. He added laconically: "Under the front seat."


Buffalo School Wins Inaugural Air Conditioning Award

Buffalo being the birthplace of air conditioning, let us toast this hot afternoon by conferring an award that shall surely turn out to be the first in a long and distinguished series.

It is an award for prominent and strategically placed window air conditioner!

With pride we present our first awardee.

2013-5-22 st. mary's 016


This is, of course, St. Mary's School For the Deaf.

It is possible we are starting at the top. St. Mary's sets the bar very high. The building is stately, beautiful and architecturally significant. It boasts several prominent window air conditioners but the one that really nets the school the award is the one perfectly, gloriously located, right over the cross placed over the grand front entrance.

Congratulations, St. Mary's School For The Deaf!

Very, very cool!

'First and Foremost, Gotta Thank Goodwill...'


Buzz keeps laughing at the speech Macklemore, the Seattle hip hopper, gave at the Billboards awards the other night, about his number "Thrift Shop."

"First and foremost, I want to thank Goodwill..."

We hunted down a video that shows you the speech without the song. The song has too much, shall we say, rugged language for Buzz or for the Buzz Blog. Anyway, got to love how after thanking Goodwill, Macklemore gives a shoutout to a place called Value Village. That must be a local Seattle outfit. Speaking of which, love that coat!

"Thrift Shop" is a great show biz idea that Buffalo should have thought of first.

Where are our rappers and hip hoppers?

Buffalo Praised as Fit And Healthy

Buffalo, the Other Red Meat!

Such is the siren song of Wild Idea Buffalo, which sells grass-fed buffalo meat. The company woos customers with pictures of bison meat smoldering on coals, dripping with juices. The price of beef is rising, Wild Idea Buffalo crows, and so hearty and heart-healthy buffalo is a bargain.


Their May Special is $17.95 a pound. And that's on sale! Kind of hefty if you ask us, and not enough to tempt us away from Scime's Sausage just yet.

Still, what a pleasure to see the words "Buffalo" and "healthy" in the same sentence!

Must be why they call themselves "Wild Idea."


The Tralf Goes Guerrilla

2013-5-20 tralf 002

You know those signs you see stuck into the ground on street corners, hawking a mattress or bedroom set for sale?

Now there's one pitching a Tralf concert!

Buzz snapped this picture while waiting for the light to change. In case you do not have time to blow it up and study it, the sign reads:


We've spotted this sign stuck into the ground at other intersections too. Which, we have no problem with that. Good for the Tralf. Why should this form of direct marketing, which predates the Egyptians, be reserved for the sellers of mattresses and bedroom sets and people offering you cash for your house?

We should all go grassroots!

Dapper Young Man Sports Ultimate Prom Outfit

2013-5-17 kilt

Western New York's high school proms get better and better! Seen last night at the Statler, a kilt.

An actual kilt! Such as Prince Charles or Buzz's favorite royal, Prince Philip, might wear.

The young man confident enough to sport this fashion with aplomb: James Nash, of Attica High School, whose prom was being held at the Statler, along with Cardinal O'Haras. Mr. Nash says his background is Scottish and we believe him. His date is Kara Manzanares of Orchard Park. 

Fashion kudos to them both.

Also... love the sneakers.

Local High School's Prom Heard 'Round the World

2013-5-11 prom

At the Statler on Friday, Buzz stood agog beholding Depew High School's prom. The kids were gathering in the Terrace Room. 

The boys, as usual, were fun to observe. There is always one with a Mohawk haircut, you know? And a friend remarked: "You can always tell the guys who haven't worn a suit since their First Communion."

But the girls!

These girls were better coiffed than Buzz was at our own wedding!

We could not get over how beautiful they looked, how gorgeously turned out they were. Above, left to right: Jennifer Groblewski, Chloe Beach, Angela Fronckowiak.

One friend in Oregon comments on Facebook: "I can hear the dresses."

Buffalo Bargain Hunters Take Bite Out Of Big Apple

Carnegie 032

You can take the Buffalonians out of Buffalo but you can't make us not be cheapskates!

Buzz, looking back on our three days in New York City to hear the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra at Carnegie Hall, finds ourself glorying in ways in which we cut corners and saved pennies.

For one thing we found a guy on the street selling pashmina scarves and we scarfed one up, haha, for five bucks.

For another thing we located an Irish pub practically around the corner from our hotel where they had what very well could have been the Big Apple's only $5 glass of wine. To quote Rick Jeanneret: "Scooooooore!" Of course we ran into other Buffalonians there.

And one more fine example of Buffalo penny pinching:

When you fly Jet Blue -- and of course we were all flying Jet Blue, 'cause it's cheap -- you have to make your way from JFK Airport into Manhattan. You have your choice: Cab, for something like $60, or a long ride on the E Train, pictured above in Buzz's unglamorous photograph, which will run you $8.50.

Take the E Train! It is a Buffalonian no-brainer. Buzz grit our teeth and rode the gritty subway. So did everyone else we talked to.

One fellow rider was WNED-FM announcer Peter Hall, who was emceeing the after-concert party at the Russian Tea Room. As the E Train shook, rattled and rolled its way into Manhattan, Hall beheld John Hurley, the president of Canisius College, and his wife.

Hall said to President Hurley: "We non-profits know how to save money."

As do we all!


NYC Celebrity Sightings Roundup

It must be Buffalo osmosis but last night around midnight, foraging for yet another bite in the Big Apple, Buzz went to a nearby Irish pub and ran into a bunch of Buffalo Philharmonic types. It was late and we were all having too much fun and admittedly Buzz does not retain every erudite musical matter we discussed. However...

We do remember celebrity sightings!

One was LeVar Burton, spotted by the trombone section.


Martin Scorcese, seen by BPO staff and patrons in a restaurant on Columbus Circle.


(The people involved on this one are split on this, whether it actually was Scorcese or not. Buzz says it definitely was.)

And finally, Dan Hart, the BPO's executive director, said someone saw Steve Martin. 



What if LeVar, Steve and Martin are talking to their friends right now and saying, "I thought I spotted musicians from the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra.. but I'm not sure..."

After last night's triumphant performance, you never know!

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