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JFK Airport Falls Short Of Buffalo's Artistic Standards


Flying into JFK Airport this morning on our way to see the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra perform at Carnegie Hall, Buzz loved certain things about New York. We love the fruit vendors and the street food, the shish kebabs, the international feel.


The airport smelled sweaty and it felt grittier than ours. Our Buffalo airport is always so clean and nice and no muss, no fuss.

There was absolutely no reference that we could see in JFK Airport to the Spring For Music Festival going on at Carnegie Hall, the festival for which the BPO is performing on Wednesday night. Our airport has signs cheering the orchestra on.

Not only that but ...

No Jasper Johns in the johns!

In Buffalo you come to expect certain amenities, such as that Albright-Knox Jasper Johns painting, pictured above, that graces our airport restrooms. That is what we wrote in Twitter. 

And then -- and then -- we got to wondering about it.

Could the designers of our airport have meant that on purpose, to put Jasper Johns in, well, the johns?

We hope so! Those would be designers you could be proud of!

Another relevant Albright-Knox masterpiece could be Picasso's "La Toilette."



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