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Local High School's Prom Heard 'Round the World

2013-5-11 prom

At the Statler on Friday, Buzz stood agog beholding Depew High School's prom. The kids were gathering in the Terrace Room. 

The boys, as usual, were fun to observe. There is always one with a Mohawk haircut, you know? And a friend remarked: "You can always tell the guys who haven't worn a suit since their First Communion."

But the girls!

These girls were better coiffed than Buzz was at our own wedding!

We could not get over how beautiful they looked, how gorgeously turned out they were. Above, left to right: Jennifer Groblewski, Chloe Beach, Angela Fronckowiak.

One friend in Oregon comments on Facebook: "I can hear the dresses."


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