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NYC Celebrity Sightings Roundup

It must be Buffalo osmosis but last night around midnight, foraging for yet another bite in the Big Apple, Buzz went to a nearby Irish pub and ran into a bunch of Buffalo Philharmonic types. It was late and we were all having too much fun and admittedly Buzz does not retain every erudite musical matter we discussed. However...

We do remember celebrity sightings!

One was LeVar Burton, spotted by the trombone section.


Martin Scorcese, seen by BPO staff and patrons in a restaurant on Columbus Circle.


(The people involved on this one are split on this, whether it actually was Scorcese or not. Buzz says it definitely was.)

And finally, Dan Hart, the BPO's executive director, said someone saw Steve Martin. 



What if LeVar, Steve and Martin are talking to their friends right now and saying, "I thought I spotted musicians from the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra.. but I'm not sure..."

After last night's triumphant performance, you never know!


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