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NYC Rolls Out Red Carpet For Buffalo Broadcasting Legend

DorisAs Buzz gets ready to fly to New York to catch the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra at Carnegie Hall, we are thrilled to hear once again how nice the people there are! Allow us to introduce our authority, Buffalo Broadcasting Hall of Famer Doris Jones.

Miss Jones, pictured at left, flew to New York over the weekend. She was preparing to board a bus from LaGuardia Airport to 122nd Street when she realized that she had nothing smaller than a $10.

What to do??

Ah! She noticed one bus had its door open. She approached and explained to the driver that she did not have the correct change.

"Lady," said the driver, "you are S*** out of luck!!"

Then he gave her a bus ticket.

"WELCOME to New York!" crowed Doris. "What great people! FREE ride!"


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