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Buffalo's Best Window Treatment

Buzz went window shopping in Kaisertown and saw this sweet sight in a Clinton Street shop. It is a Kaisertown Ode to Spring!

Spring 002

How much is that Tyskie in the window?

That Tyskie is a penny or two!

Politician Buys Powerful Tool To Fight Bloated Bureaucracy

Kevin Gaughan, proponent of government downsizing, was seen at Home Depot buying a toilet seat.


With luck he should be able to get bloated bureaucracy to sit down and work on eliminating waste!

Waterfront Tourists Stick Their Necks Out

Geese 005

The crowds of promenaders today at the Erie Basin Marina included this family of geese.

The geese purposefully walked a great length along the path -- at least from the Hatch to the battleship -- and didn't seem bothered at all by the people around them. But everyone stepped back to give them room.

Hahaaa... It is great how you can see the big birds' shadows.

Honk if you love geese!

Geese 004

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