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The BPO and Bigfoot

Reinhold Gliere -- whose massively romantic Symphony No. 3 the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra is playing tonight at Kleinhans Music Hall and Wednesday at Carnegie Hall -- is a great composer.

But he is a great-great-great-great uncle!

And his great-great-great-great grandniece, Jennifer Gliere ...


...  is going to be at the BPO's performance on Wednesday in New York City. Jennifer Gliere is a soprano and originally thought she could not be there because she had a rehearsal of Bach's B Minor Mass. But she has been sprung from the rehearsal -- alleluia! -- and so will be able to go.

Buzz caught up with Miss Gliere while she was sitting in traffic, which is what you do when you live in New York.

One thing we asked her about was the folk hero Ilya Muromets, the legend that inspired Gliere to write his outrageous, rarely performed symphony. Ilya Muromets is a warrior who chalks up all kinds of victories before -- fatal error! -- he defies God and is defeated by the heavenly hosts.

Jennifer Gliere said Russian kids grow up knowing all about this mythical figure.

"What would be our equivalent?" we asked. "Would he be like Robin Hood?"

She laughed.

"More like Bigfoot," she said. "Only not as nefarious."


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