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The Gig That Screams 'That Is So Buffalo!'

2013-5-24 cpg 001

Dive House Union, which played last night at the Central Park Grill, is a fine band that plays blues, the occasional Grateful Dead number, all kinds of great stuff. But that is just part of the fun.

Their really good keyboardist is announced with mention of his family's meat shop on Delaware. (It is Tom Scime, of Scime's Sausages.)

Their CD is "Live At Kleinhans."

Everyone gets weepy when a ballad goes out to a woman in the audience named Joanne.

You are able to brag to strangers that you have shared the stage with the saxophonist. (Most Buffalonians have been in a band at one time or another, and saxophonist Barry Arbogast played with Buzz now and then when we were in a jazz band, Ladies First.)

Someone's kid sits in on guitar.

2013-5-24 cpg 008

It is a weeknight but the bar is jammed, front and back, with people crowded in the doorway and spilling out onto the chilly patio.

Love the CPG and Dive House Union.

A Buffalo-style band!


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