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City Of Plinks And Plunks


This cute video shows the new public pianos placed at various locations around Buffalo.

Catch Annie Philippone, boogie pianist, rocking out on a vintage Kurtzmann. And Mark Weber, who organized the piano project, playing an excellent "You Don't Know Me."

The News reported about how at the pianos' dedications, Buffalo State College public speaking majors would be giving the introductions as their final exam.  Is there anything Mark Weber has not thought of?

Apparently not! He writes on Facebook:

"I would like to open up 'Mark Weber’s Pianotorium' as a tourist attraction in Buffalo."

Shakespeare, Unleaded

Bidwell etc 025

This sign at Elmwood and Amherst was fun to puzzle over whilst waiting at a red light.

To gas up or not to gas up, that is the question.

The quality of ethanol is not strained.

It is the East, and Juliet is the Sun-oco!

OK, mercifully, the light is changing.

Gallop apace, ye fiery-footed Ford!

That's a Lot of Water Under the Peace Bridge

Front page of The Buffalo Evening News from 100 years ago:

2013-6-26 bidwell 031

Got to envy those Buffalonians in 1913.

They got the bridge.

We've got the troubled waters!

When You Know You're Not In Amherst Any More

You know that stretch of Niagara Falls Boulevard just north of Maple Road, where Amherst's slick Consumer Square Benderson development, including Target and Barnes and Noble, faces off against a classic old Tonawanda strip plaza?

Buzz loves that plaza. It is like Tonawanda thumbing its nose at Amherst. The plaza is home to that tae kwan do studio that also sells Venetian blinds. And historic Mayback Food Shoppe, a dinosaur in this day and age. (Please pardon us for not including links. These aren't the kind of places that bother with websites.)

You would not think we could top such quaint businesses as these. However.

We have!

Yesterday Buzz noticed a tenant we could not remember seeing before. We snapped this picture. We took a poor-quality shot on purpose to add to the atmosphere.

2013-6-16 fantasy island 009

Got to love how the store name refers just to "TV." No "electronics," "computer," or any other such uplifting language.

And you can't see it in the picture, but the sign on the door refers to "dirt cheap hours."

God love this plaza. It should have historic landmark status.

Secure this border!

Wallenda Walks the Line With Buffalo Developer


Nik Wallenda's high-wire canyon walk on Sunday night had one Western New York connection that has been largely lost in the media blitz.

The daredevil warmed up by practicing on a wire strung between two cranes -- in Florida's Nathan Benderson Park.

Benderson! That's a name we all know.

Next time let's get Wallenda to practice in some of our Benderson developments. Amherst Development Park, maybe? Walden Square? The simply yet eloquently named 909 Dick Road? Or, for a touch of Niagara Falls glamour, the Niagara Commerce Center.

You are welcome back here any time, Mr. Wallenda.

We've got enough cranes!

Guy Steals Guy Stuff


Niagara Falls, N.Y., is challenging Buffalo in the summer petty crime department.

We had the woman allegedly throwing her gentleman friend's clothes and sneakers on the grill.

They have the guy allegedly walking into a 7-Eleven and stealing 29 boxes of, ahem, condoms, along with two packages of bacon.

Buzz's colleague Emeri Krawczyk laughs that a friend of hers observed: "All he needed was a six-pack of beer to make the 'man trifecta.'"

The News reported that the culprit wore a "striped polo shirt, white sneakers, a blue ball cap and a smile on his face.."

They sure are having fun over there on the cops desk.

How bad a Monday can it be...

...  when you open The Buffalo News and see a headline reading:

"Rogue Priests Preside At Subterranean Services"

It is on page B2 of the print edition today (Monday). 

The story is about the parishioners at St. Ann's Church ...

St. ann's

... trying to keep the place from closing. "Ousted Parishioners Cling On In Basement," runs the main headline.

This story is heartbreaking.

But the headlines are great!

Niagara Street specialty of the house


Yesterday's rumination on the woman allegedly throwing a gentleman friend's clothes and sneakers on the grill prompted this joke on Facebook:

"Grilled fillet of sole."


Summer crime season begins on a hot note


It is perfect for the first day of summer, the much-talked-about item in today's Buffalo News cops column involving the woman on Niagara Street who got mad at her boyfriend. Well, we are assuming it was her boyfriend.

Perhaps she is guilty of criminal mischief. But still.

Who among us cannot identify on some level with this situation? Somebody gets on your last nerve and you get so mad you will do practically anything.

How great it would feel to throw that person's clothes and expensive sneakers onto the grill.

Summer crime!

Church's Divisions Are Tough On Priest

St. anthony 183

The new museum at St. Anthony of Padua Church includes a fascinating model of the church that plays up the parish's amusingly schizophrenic nature.

The Italian and English language Mass-goers place the priest facing the people, behind the low altar.

The folks who go to the Tridentine Mass in Latin, when they pass by, turn him around so that he faces the same direction as the people, behind the high altar.

It is an ongoing battle. Father faces this way. He faces that way. He does the Hokey Pokey and he turns himself around. The above picture Buzz snapped, if you want to blow it up and look at it closely, shows the priest in Latin Mass mode.

The guide smiled and sighed: "The Latin Mass people have gotten at this again."

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