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Three Things That Brighten Up This Gray Day


Above is the view from the Buzz desk that displays pretty well today's 50 shades of gray.

This is one gray day!

However, three things that brighten it up ...

1. The aroma downtown this morning of roasting coffee. Of all the industrial smells in the world we lucked out with this one. And today we needed it!

2. Hearing of a crowd of Japanese tourists getting chilly on the jet boat in Niagara Falls. We love the jet boat but this is not the day to be on it! Just reflecting on the fact that we were not on the jet boat warmed us up.

3. The sight of the Miss Buffalo, with its canopy and its bar, plowing merrily down the river, carrying a crowd, no problem at all.

Gotta love the Miss Buffalo.

Rain, what rain?


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