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Former WBEN News Chief Finds New Employment


Buzz misses hearing Steve Cichon on radio's WBEN, but now that he has cast off those shackles, it is great that he has made himself available as a round-the-clock resource.

The Bow-Tied One, pictured above in his former habitat, devoted his first free afternoon to settling questions on Facebook pertaining to Two Guys and Twin Fair.

Apparently someone had called him asking where Two Guys used to be. Cichon responded with this picture...


... adding smoothly: "That is why it's convenient to have a 1979 phone book."

The discussion proceeded unhurriedly throughout the long afternoon, moderated by Cichon, about where these stores used to be, what stores followed, how you can spot an old Two Guys, what Twin Fair commercials used to say, etc., etc., etc.

It went off on tangents.

"Hey, can you look up Wisniewski, William for me," one woman asked. "I wanna see where I, or my father was living at the time." Cichon provided the Buffum Street address and went on to describe his admiration for the Fotomat that used to sit on the corner of Buffum and Seneca.

We are starting to understand Steve Cichon's new business.

He is the History Hotline!


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