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Legendary Buffalo Bar Finally Gets With the Times

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Eddie Brady's, on Genesee Street in downtown Buffalo, is so charmingly 19th century.

The menu is called "Bill of Fare" and is just a few things printed on a chalkboard. Everything is the same price, $6. Except for the Soup du Jour, which is $2. The Soup du Jour, and we love this touch, is available "in season."

A portrait of Eddie Brady's grandfather sits over the bar in a stentorian oval frame.

Today at Eddie Brady's, eating a tuna sandwich, Buzz watched idly as a woman dressed in lawyerly fashion greeted Eddie. "Hey, Eddie," she said.

Eddie looked up from making a sandwich. "Hi, honey, how you doing?" he said.

So old-fashioned! So comforting! But today, Eddie Brady's finally got with the times.

Eddie himself lifted a broom handle and moved the hands of the bar's Iroquois Beer clock, visible over the door in the above picture, an hour forward. The clock went from 10 minutes till noon to 10 minutes till 1.

Daylight Savings Time, better late than never!


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