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Amusement Park Car Jumps the Tracks

St. anthony 069

We can't forget our trip to Fantasy Island! In the Buzz column today we describe the unforgettable Toilet Bowl.

And then there was the surprise sight of a Model T mysteriously off the antique car tracks and offroading.

As one Season Pass holder said: "That's not something you see every day."

We caught up with the car -- this isn't "The Fast and the Furious 6" -- and took a picture of the driver.

St. anthony 229

Bye bye, Model T!


St. anthony 215


Water Park Won't Rain On Your Parade

St. anthony 091

You usually don't find a water park as freewheeling as the one at Fantasy Island, where we took this picture on Sunday. That is Buzz's sister lounging against the sign.

What a permissive park! Bring in your beer! 

Oh, wait.

St. anthony 206

 It is surprisingly easy to miss that "NO."

Especially if you are not looking for it!


Local Priest Is Framed


Buzz was fascinated last night at the opening of photographer Phil Pantano's art exhibit, "The American Worker," at Main Street Studios.

It is so Buffalo! Up on those walls are people you know!

Adding to the fun, in Pantano's exhibit, they all look exhausted. He caught people in that magic and expressive moment when they have finished their shift but not yet opened a beer.

Above are George Thomas Apfel, chief engineer at Entercom, and his wife Anne, enjoying the show's opening last night.

In the center, in a frame, looking over their shoulders, is the Rev. Ted Jost.

Legendary Buffalo Bar Finally Gets With the Times

St. anthony 039

Eddie Brady's, on Genesee Street in downtown Buffalo, is so charmingly 19th century.

The menu is called "Bill of Fare" and is just a few things printed on a chalkboard. Everything is the same price, $6. Except for the Soup du Jour, which is $2. The Soup du Jour, and we love this touch, is available "in season."

A portrait of Eddie Brady's grandfather sits over the bar in a stentorian oval frame.

Today at Eddie Brady's, eating a tuna sandwich, Buzz watched idly as a woman dressed in lawyerly fashion greeted Eddie. "Hey, Eddie," she said.

Eddie looked up from making a sandwich. "Hi, honey, how you doing?" he said.

So old-fashioned! So comforting! But today, Eddie Brady's finally got with the times.

Eddie himself lifted a broom handle and moved the hands of the bar's Iroquois Beer clock, visible over the door in the above picture, an hour forward. The clock went from 10 minutes till noon to 10 minutes till 1.

Daylight Savings Time, better late than never!

Huge Machine Quashes Productivity in Downtown Buffalo

Crane 005

A behemoth of a crane is parked in front of First Niagara Center. Work is impossible for miles around as everyone gawks at it.

Marveled one observer: "It's our new Peace Bridge."

Crane 003

Is this the biggest crane ever to be visited upon us? That is a good question.

We will have to check at the Crane Library.

Teenage Waterfront Visitors Leave a Mess

Geese 001

Remember the goose family?

The goslings have grown up!

We know, it hurts to see the sun because we see it so seldom. But still, give a gander at this picture we snapped yesterday.

Geese 008

The baby geese are teenagers!

Unfortunately like all teenagers you have to clean up after them. We are sorry but somebody has to say this: The waterfront is awash in goose do-do.

Duck, duck.


Geese 010


Buffalo's Beastliest Burgers

Fantasy island 015

Buzz slavered over this sign at Fontana's, a little Italian takeout or dine-in place off Clinton Street in Buffalo.

The sign was prudently placed in front of the First Aid For Choking.

Fantasy island 037

More, please!

Fantasy island 030

Love the Corn Beef. Can we get Whip Cream with our coffee?

Piously, we opted for a steak sandwich with spinach. It has spinach in it, right? So it is good for you.

But we will be back. We love this place.

It is so Buffalo!


How The Mighty Vampires Have Fallen

First "Twilight," then "Breaking Dawn," then "Eclipse," and now we rejoice in the final saga.

The Twilight of "Twilight."


2013-5-24 fantasy island 031

2013-5-24 fantasy island 026

Where Gas Is Just 13 Cents a Gallon

Fantasy island 014

Sorry this picture is a little fuzzy. We took snapped it out of the window of our cute little Model T Ford, Sunday at Fantasy Island.

The darling antique cars are a highlight -- Model T Fords painted yellow or basic black, fitted out with real gas motors, rolling around on those skinny wheels.

Fantasy island 013

Those gas pumps are darling too and we are guessing that they are original to the park, which opened in 1961.

Those prices.

Talk about nostalgia!

Woman Fights For the Pieces Of a Dream

Tops Monopoly

The tense looks on everyone's face ... the excitement in the air ... the feeling of suspense as you head out the door in the morning ... it all can mean only one thing:

Tops is running its Monopoly game!

You can tell the stakes are high by how the clerks at Tops take a marker and mark your receipt when they hand you your paper game pieces. They are afraid that you will try to show your receipt again and get a second roll of the dice. No such luck. Do not pass Go, do not collect $200!

Buzz finds the scene at the Grant Street Tops to be especially electric. On a recent trip there, the woman in front of us in line began to argue when she received her Monopoly game ticket.

"How come I got only one?" she demanded. "She got two." She pointed to the previous customer.

The clerk held his ground. "I'm sorry. We can only give you one --"

"But she got two."

And so it went, back and forth. Go directly to Jail! Finally Buzz, finishing flipping through a tawdry tabloid, could take it no longer.

"For heaven's sake!" we burst out to the clerk. "Just give her our ticket."

The clerk accepted this solution and the woman did too, smiling gratefully at Buzz. "Good luck with that," we told her.

And then ... and then ...

We got a ticket too!

Good feelings all around. And -- please, O gods of Monopoly -- riches for us.

Advance to Boardwalk!

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