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When You Know You're Not In Amherst Any More

You know that stretch of Niagara Falls Boulevard just north of Maple Road, where Amherst's slick Consumer Square Benderson development, including Target and Barnes and Noble, faces off against a classic old Tonawanda strip plaza?

Buzz loves that plaza. It is like Tonawanda thumbing its nose at Amherst. The plaza is home to that tae kwan do studio that also sells Venetian blinds. And historic Mayback Food Shoppe, a dinosaur in this day and age. (Please pardon us for not including links. These aren't the kind of places that bother with websites.)

You would not think we could top such quaint businesses as these. However.

We have!

Yesterday Buzz noticed a tenant we could not remember seeing before. We snapped this picture. We took a poor-quality shot on purpose to add to the atmosphere.

2013-6-16 fantasy island 009

Got to love how the store name refers just to "TV." No "electronics," "computer," or any other such uplifting language.

And you can't see it in the picture, but the sign on the door refers to "dirt cheap hours."

God love this plaza. It should have historic landmark status.

Secure this border!


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