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Woman Fights For the Pieces Of a Dream

Tops Monopoly

The tense looks on everyone's face ... the excitement in the air ... the feeling of suspense as you head out the door in the morning ... it all can mean only one thing:

Tops is running its Monopoly game!

You can tell the stakes are high by how the clerks at Tops take a marker and mark your receipt when they hand you your paper game pieces. They are afraid that you will try to show your receipt again and get a second roll of the dice. No such luck. Do not pass Go, do not collect $200!

Buzz finds the scene at the Grant Street Tops to be especially electric. On a recent trip there, the woman in front of us in line began to argue when she received her Monopoly game ticket.

"How come I got only one?" she demanded. "She got two." She pointed to the previous customer.

The clerk held his ground. "I'm sorry. We can only give you one --"

"But she got two."

And so it went, back and forth. Go directly to Jail! Finally Buzz, finishing flipping through a tawdry tabloid, could take it no longer.

"For heaven's sake!" we burst out to the clerk. "Just give her our ticket."

The clerk accepted this solution and the woman did too, smiling gratefully at Buzz. "Good luck with that," we told her.

And then ... and then ...

We got a ticket too!

Good feelings all around. And -- please, O gods of Monopoly -- riches for us.

Advance to Boardwalk!


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