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Christmas Time Is Here


This is the time of year when the Buzz desk awaits the first Christmas CD. What will it be? Will it arrive in July? The bad news is, the CD is not here yet. It looks as if July will come and go without that first Christmas CD.

However all is not lost. The first Christmas book has come in!

It is "Sleigh Rides, Jingle Bells, Silent Nights: A Cultural History of American Christmas Songs."

OK, it seems kind of windy, devoting something like 10 pages to analyzing "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer." "The very end of the lyric returns to the circumstances of Grandma's death. After noting that he has warned his neighbors of Santa and the reindeer (though presumably they would be out of danger until the following Christmas), the grandson delivers the oddest two lines of the song: no one should issue a driver's license to Santa Claus, a man who lives (plays) with elves.."

Oh, for Pete's sake. Someone was into the eggnog, is what that song is about.

Academics kill us sometimes!

But still. Good on this book, for making it in under the wire.

Christmas in July!

Italian Festival Boasts New Big Cheese



It is an unexpected slice of life that the Italian Heritage Festival has a new big cheese behind it. It is Galbani Cheese!

(Helpfully and most Buffalonially, that link takes you directly to the page of the site where you can get a coupon.)

The Italian Heritage Festival has been sponsored for Sorrento Cheese for so long that it will be hard not to say "Sorrento Cheese Italian Heritage Festival." When people say, "Galbani Cheese Italian Heritage Festival" you are going to want to respond: "No whey!"

Oh, well, hard cheese.

It's all good!

A Comic Looks At Terrorism


After meeting the dapper and charming comic Mark Saldana at E.B. Green's -- and where else to meet someone than while you are listening to Jackie Jocko? -- Buzz went on YouTube looking for glimpses of his art.

We love the clip up above! It appears it was filmed in Los Angeles. That is quite a talent we have in our midst here in Buffalo, lucky ducks that we are.

Today in Buzz we are gossiping about how Mark's brother -- his name is Eric, by the way -- is getting married, and Jocko is congratulating him in his unique way. 

Mark weighed in later on the situation.

"I will try my hardest not to go for the Arrested Development joke during any wedding toast I give where I would lean into the mic and say 'Her?' " he wrote on his Facebook page. He added: "Love you both!"

The Magic Buffalo News Time Machine

This gives you a lot of glimpses as Buffalo as it used to be. It is perfect entertainment for a rainy Saturday. Pour another cup of coffee and settle in.

Buzz found it on Facebook posted by former WBEN newsman Steve Cichon. It was brought to our attention by Chilly Billy, the ice cream man. (Once more, with feeling: Is this a great town or what?)

We bet we still have those same trucks!

Century-Old Headline Screams: 'That Is So Buffalo!'

 As the Magic 8 Ball would put it: "It is decidedly so."


Graffiti Vandal Misses Big Chance


That graffiti vandal, pictured above, who was convicted of leaving that silly "BCUZ" tag all over town must have been breathing in too many paint fumes. Because, in today's interview with The News' Jane Kwiatkowski, he missed the chance of a lifetime.

Jane asked him why he had sprayed his tag all over town. He said something to the effect of he could not put his thoughts into words.

What in the world???

He should have shrugged sadly and said "B'cuz."

How could that not occur to him?

Better still he could have shrugged sadly and said: "B'cuz.... I was an idiot."

The world would have loved him if he had gone with that second option! But alas.

Never again will he be set up so perfectly.

That chance will not come again.

HSBC Center Attempts To Get Buzz Off Our Duff

Heat 019

Buzz saw this sign on the wall of HSBC Center when we were on our way to Tim Horton's.

Ha, ha! we chortled.

Good luck with that!

We continued on to Tim Horton's where we noticed for the first time a new doughnut called the Cheeseburger. It looks like a cheeseburger but it tastes like chocolate.

Just what is needed on a Monday.

That trail can wait till tomorrow!

Tavern Picks Up the Slack In Music Education


You know the big flap surrounding music education in the schools, or the lack thereof?

Luckily Gene McCarthy's Tavern, the historic pub on Hamburg Street, has stepped up to the plate -- er, the podium.

Sounds like a good solution to us. You wait till you're grown up, and then you go the music school, along with beer school. That is what Gene McCarthy's is calling it, beer school.

Besides beer they have on hand a cellist and a pianist. Beer, cello and piano, what else does a human being require? Here is a taste of what you get:

Johann Sebastian Bach with a locally brewed Maibock!

A Faure Pavanne, paired with a French farmhouse ale!

Johannes Brahms (a world-class beer lover, by the way) with a barley wine!

Serge Rachmaninoff and a dark, locally brewed stout!

Buzz will be stout when we get through with this! Class begins Monday at 7 p.m. It is limited to 30 people. It costs $20 which buys you 10 samples of different beers, your first pint free, one cheese plate per every two participants, and a cup of gazpacho.

Gotta love it, Beer School.

Music to our ears!

Hot Time In the Old Town Last Night

Sportsmen 002

In the absence of the coke ovens at Bethlehem Steel, the hottest place in Western New York has got to be the Sportsmen's Tavern in funky, funky Black Rock.

Buzz went there last night to hear the great singer Peggy Farrell. The bar was hotter than hell!

Three or four ceiling fans revolved lazily high up in the rafters. The front door opened out onto bohemian Amherst Street. Peggy Farrell sang "Hard-Hearted Hannah," "Honeysuckle Rose" and other sultry numbers that made you think of the Deep South. It added to the smoldering ambience to have a pianist who played in the Basie band. That would be the great George Caldwell.

The Juilliard-trained Carmen Intorre was on the drums and he was cooking with gas.

To complete the sweltering evening we had an imam on bass. The presence of Sabu Adeyola in his cap and robes made you think of Morocco and "Caravan."

Sportsmen 004

Talk about heat! The good news was, if you were about to pass out, you could go upstairs and cool off on the balcony. Ahhh.

Meanwhile, next winter, we will remember this.


12 Things Neat About the Heat


1. If you yell at someone you have something to blame it on.

2. You can do that thing in the car where you open the windows and run the air conditioner. This is America!

3. Perfect excuse to check out the splash pad in Martin Luther King Park, pictured above, even if you are not a kid or do not have a kid with you.

4. Jogging is dangerous when it is this hot and it is much healthier to schlep slowly around the city of an evening, taking pictures of scenes that catch your fancy.


Card 001

5. Rare chance to do Bikram Hot Yoga outside.


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