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12 Things Neat About the Heat


1. If you yell at someone you have something to blame it on.

2. You can do that thing in the car where you open the windows and run the air conditioner. This is America!

3. Perfect excuse to check out the splash pad in Martin Luther King Park, pictured above, even if you are not a kid or do not have a kid with you.

4. Jogging is dangerous when it is this hot and it is much healthier to schlep slowly around the city of an evening, taking pictures of scenes that catch your fancy.


Card 001

5. Rare chance to do Bikram Hot Yoga outside.



6. Perfect weather to listen to New Orleans jazz by Professor Longhair.


7. ... Or lazy songs by Johannes Brahms, if you are a nerd like Buzz.

Icecream8. The ice cream stands are all crowded which is God's way of telling you that it is time to try out that ice cream maker you bought at a garage sale and piously never used.

9. Can't sleep? Not your fault! Get up and eat some more ice cream.

10. You can dress like a Moroccan even if you are not one.

11. Become a pop sommelier.



12. Cleaning the kitchen floor ...


... can wait.

La la la la la la la.


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