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A Comic Looks At Terrorism


After meeting the dapper and charming comic Mark Saldana at E.B. Green's -- and where else to meet someone than while you are listening to Jackie Jocko? -- Buzz went on YouTube looking for glimpses of his art.

We love the clip up above! It appears it was filmed in Los Angeles. That is quite a talent we have in our midst here in Buffalo, lucky ducks that we are.

Today in Buzz we are gossiping about how Mark's brother -- his name is Eric, by the way -- is getting married, and Jocko is congratulating him in his unique way. 

Mark weighed in later on the situation.

"I will try my hardest not to go for the Arrested Development joke during any wedding toast I give where I would lean into the mic and say 'Her?' " he wrote on his Facebook page. He added: "Love you both!"


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