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Buffalo Leading in Twitter Hashtag Derby


All day we have been pawing at the ground, wanting to get at Twitter so we can see what appears -- for the moment, at least -- to be the top-trending Twitter topic -- Buffalo Horse Names.

"City of Good Neighers," is one. It is the brainchild of WGR's Greg Bauch.

"From Cellino's Barns." HAHAHAA.

"Yous Guys." That is Matt Carlucci's.

"Everything Parmed." That comes from Trending Buffalo.

Richard Doran suggests "JoAnn Fillyetta." Ha, ha! He used to work for the Buffalo Philharmonic.

Everyone, get a horse in this race. Put your horse name on Twitter with the hashtag #BuffaloHorseNames.

Let's keep this hash tag on top.

We will not be unseated!


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