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Buffalo's Most Frightening Bathroom


A trip to Kmart has many peaks and valleys.

Peaks, because you get to see displays like the one pictured above (in a Buzz file photo) and hear, for real, the legendary announcement: "Attention Kmart shoppers." 

Valleys, because you might have to visit the, ahem, powder room.

Last night, not pretty. We are talking the Kmart at Hertel and Delaware. Bravely, Buzz and a girlfriend made the trip to the back of the store. The friend was actually the one who had to visit the, ahem, powder room. Buzz went along as moral support. Which, as it turned out, was needed!

The bathroom was back near layaway. Walking in, it did not look that bad. But then our friend opened one stall door. Oh, no!

Backing away, she opened another. Oh, no!!! Again!!

There was still Door No. 3.

"Please, Door No. 3!" she cried. "You're my only hope!"

Alas, the horrors behind Door No. 3 were beyond description. 

However perhaps the trip was worth it to see this notice on the bathroom wall.

Kmart 003

And these notices in the sink.

Kmart 002

Ha, ha! It was like Crystal Beach when Buzz was little. We would have to visit the little girls' room and our dad would command us, "Don't touch anything!"

One day we will look back on Kmart the same way.

It is a classic!


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