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Graffiti Vandal Misses Big Chance


That graffiti vandal, pictured above, who was convicted of leaving that silly "BCUZ" tag all over town must have been breathing in too many paint fumes. Because, in today's interview with The News' Jane Kwiatkowski, he missed the chance of a lifetime.

Jane asked him why he had sprayed his tag all over town. He said something to the effect of he could not put his thoughts into words.

What in the world???

He should have shrugged sadly and said "B'cuz."

How could that not occur to him?

Better still he could have shrugged sadly and said: "B'cuz.... I was an idiot."

The world would have loved him if he had gone with that second option! But alas.

Never again will he be set up so perfectly.

That chance will not come again.


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