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Hot Time In the Old Town Last Night

Sportsmen 002

In the absence of the coke ovens at Bethlehem Steel, the hottest place in Western New York has got to be the Sportsmen's Tavern in funky, funky Black Rock.

Buzz went there last night to hear the great singer Peggy Farrell. The bar was hotter than hell!

Three or four ceiling fans revolved lazily high up in the rafters. The front door opened out onto bohemian Amherst Street. Peggy Farrell sang "Hard-Hearted Hannah," "Honeysuckle Rose" and other sultry numbers that made you think of the Deep South. It added to the smoldering ambience to have a pianist who played in the Basie band. That would be the great George Caldwell.

The Juilliard-trained Carmen Intorre was on the drums and he was cooking with gas.

To complete the sweltering evening we had an imam on bass. The presence of Sabu Adeyola in his cap and robes made you think of Morocco and "Caravan."

Sportsmen 004

Talk about heat! The good news was, if you were about to pass out, you could go upstairs and cool off on the balcony. Ahhh.

Meanwhile, next winter, we will remember this.



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