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South Buffalo Actor Had Another Nickname


Buzz is sad to hear that a countryman of us Buffalonians, Joe Conley, has passed away. Conley, who earned immortality as Ike Godsey on "The Waltons," was 85. His nickname at South Park High School was reportedly "Hollywood Joe."

But he had another nickname, which appears to have predated that one.

"The Waltons" was one of the few shows that we were allowed to watch as a little kid. Our dad knew Conley when they were both kids at Holy Family School. And he used to comment when Ike Godsey was on.

"That's 'Noodles' Conley," he would say affectionately.

There is a lot of coverage around the world today of Conley's death. Nobody else knows he was nicknamed "Noodles." But he was.

Where else would you read that his nickname was "Noodles"? Nowhere but The Buffalo News!

As long as we are remembering "Noodles" Conley let us also remember Mad Magazine's spoof of "The Waltons." It was called "The Dulltons."

You will see "Noodles" Conley, as Ike Godsey, in the center frame, trying to split a jawbreaker into seven pieces.



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