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Miller Time at the Albright-Knox


You had to love singer Cindy Miller, who kicked off The Buffalo News' Jazz at the Albright-Knox season yesterday.

She is such a card!

Cindy, pictured above in a photo by News photographer Sharon Cantillon, tossed off goofy joke after goofy joke. Buzz loved it. It reminds us of us. You throw stuff out there, see what sticks.

"I love the Albright-Knox, 'cause I don't have to wear socks!" scatted Miller, happy in her sandals.

She called Danny Hull, on drums, "a Hull of a drummer."

Good-naturedly, she plugged Milkie's, the jazz place on Elmwood and Utica run by Mike Milkie. "I drink the milk there," she cracked.

Acknowledging the applause, she bowed to the big crowd. "Thank you people, and dogs, and bichons..." she said.

Alas, the gallery's public art was not as appreciative. Cindy frowned at it. She said: "From these statues I get nothing."


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