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Buffalo History, Abridged

A friend got this greeting card in the mail and Buzz is fascinated by it.

Click on it to blow it up and pore over it. Some of the things we have never heard of! Like Monroe Ginger Ale. All of a sudden we want some.

In a nutshell:

Card 002

Have You Seen the Bieber?


Those "Leave it to Beaver" puns -- it turns out they are most appropriate!

The headline on The News' picture page today, in the print edition, is "Leave it to Bieber."

Someone has to point this out: "Bieber" is a variation of "Biber" ...

... as in the wonderful German composer Heinrich Ignaz Franz von Biber ...


... and Biber is, yes, German for "beaver."

See, now if you run into Justin Bieber in person, you will have things to talk to him about.

Be an informed Belieber!

Where in Buffalo is Justin Bieber?


Is Justin Bieber here to stay? If so, where?

Buzz beliebs he is staying at the Avant. 

Or the Embassy Suites, whatever you call that glitzy place on Delaware Avenue downtown.

We are just saying, last night 'round midnight we were passing the place and there were all these kids in the parking lot chanting. It sounded as if they were chanting for someone to come out and see them.

There were all these huge tour buses parked out front.

Who else would it have been?

Consulting Bieber's schedule we see he was in Cleveland two days ago but he was not working last night.

That was definitely Justin Bieber at the Avant.

Belieb it!

Aftertaste of Buffalo

One thing that remains (besides the five extra pounds)...

Airborne Eddy, jumping out of a cake!


"You should be wearing less clothes," remarked one woman, obviously a fan of Eddy, comedian, Off Beat Cinema host and co-founder of Forgotten Buffalo.

A gentleman says: "How disappointing for everyone!"

Talkin' Trash At the Taste Of Buffalo

Downtown last night in Niagara Square...

2013-07-10 taste 026

Braced for the feeding frenzy!

Friday Tower of Power

Bidwell etc 047

South Buffalo Actor Had Another Nickname


Buzz is sad to hear that a countryman of us Buffalonians, Joe Conley, has passed away. Conley, who earned immortality as Ike Godsey on "The Waltons," was 85. His nickname at South Park High School was reportedly "Hollywood Joe."

But he had another nickname, which appears to have predated that one.

"The Waltons" was one of the few shows that we were allowed to watch as a little kid. Our dad knew Conley when they were both kids at Holy Family School. And he used to comment when Ike Godsey was on.

"That's 'Noodles' Conley," he would say affectionately.

There is a lot of coverage around the world today of Conley's death. Nobody else knows he was nicknamed "Noodles." But he was.

Where else would you read that his nickname was "Noodles"? Nowhere but The Buffalo News!

As long as we are remembering "Noodles" Conley let us also remember Mad Magazine's spoof of "The Waltons." It was called "The Dulltons."

You will see "Noodles" Conley, as Ike Godsey, in the center frame, trying to split a jawbreaker into seven pieces.


Turning Japanese

2013-07-09 sushi 001

Buzz went to Taisho Bistro. That is Taisho pictured up above! It is on Sheridan Drive in Amherst. It is funny how many of these Japanese places are in strip plazas! But they are.

Taisho had a drink called a Rude Cosmopolitan. Ha, ha! All we can picture is a trashy magazine that annoys you in the checkout line.

They also have a Happy Hour Mondays through Fridays from 4 p.m. until 6 p.m. and then picks up again at 8 p.m. Highly unusual! We like it.

Hmmm. Our colleague Andrew Galarneau praised Taisho Bistro back in January but he said that meals began with a hot towel to cleanse your hands, and ended with peeled litchi fruits with the check. We got no hot towels! We got no peeled litchi fruits! Waaaah! They have been open a while now so maybe they have relaxed.

Oh well.

Still the place was fun. They had all these cool purple lights. The sushi was delicious. We beheld this amazing and unique plate.

2013-07-09 sushi 004

Can you see Buzz in the picture? That is our face reflected in the fan.

We are a fan of Japanese food!

Buffalo's Most Frightening Bathroom


A trip to Kmart has many peaks and valleys.

Peaks, because you get to see displays like the one pictured above (in a Buzz file photo) and hear, for real, the legendary announcement: "Attention Kmart shoppers." 

Valleys, because you might have to visit the, ahem, powder room.

Last night, not pretty. We are talking the Kmart at Hertel and Delaware. Bravely, Buzz and a girlfriend made the trip to the back of the store. The friend was actually the one who had to visit the, ahem, powder room. Buzz went along as moral support. Which, as it turned out, was needed!

The bathroom was back near layaway. Walking in, it did not look that bad. But then our friend opened one stall door. Oh, no!

Backing away, she opened another. Oh, no!!! Again!!

There was still Door No. 3.

"Please, Door No. 3!" she cried. "You're my only hope!"

Alas, the horrors behind Door No. 3 were beyond description. 

However perhaps the trip was worth it to see this notice on the bathroom wall.

Kmart 003

And these notices in the sink.

Kmart 002

Ha, ha! It was like Crystal Beach when Buzz was little. We would have to visit the little girls' room and our dad would command us, "Don't touch anything!"

One day we will look back on Kmart the same way.

It is a classic!

Miller Time at the Albright-Knox


You had to love singer Cindy Miller, who kicked off The Buffalo News' Jazz at the Albright-Knox season yesterday.

She is such a card!

Cindy, pictured above in a photo by News photographer Sharon Cantillon, tossed off goofy joke after goofy joke. Buzz loved it. It reminds us of us. You throw stuff out there, see what sticks.

"I love the Albright-Knox, 'cause I don't have to wear socks!" scatted Miller, happy in her sandals.

She called Danny Hull, on drums, "a Hull of a drummer."

Good-naturedly, she plugged Milkie's, the jazz place on Elmwood and Utica run by Mike Milkie. "I drink the milk there," she cracked.

Acknowledging the applause, she bowed to the big crowd. "Thank you people, and dogs, and bichons..." she said.

Alas, the gallery's public art was not as appreciative. Cindy frowned at it. She said: "From these statues I get nothing."

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