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Flyer Traumatizes Kids

Guess it is true that there are two seasons in Buffalo, the school season and the Fourth of July.

Exhibit A: the Procter and Gamble flyer in today's News.

2013-07-07 backtoschool 018

Yikes, here it is July 7, and already, back to school!

No wonder kids freak out.

Famous Actor Gets His Hair Cut At Local Supercuts

Denise, the superb stylist at Supercuts on Sheridan and Eggert, told Buzz the other day that she has cut Stephen Henderson's hair.

She confirmed that yes, he goes to Supercuts! We knew there was something we liked about him.

Henderson looks happy with his haircut.

Supercuts of the rich and famous!



Buffalo Leading in Twitter Hashtag Derby


All day we have been pawing at the ground, wanting to get at Twitter so we can see what appears -- for the moment, at least -- to be the top-trending Twitter topic -- Buffalo Horse Names.

"City of Good Neighers," is one. It is the brainchild of WGR's Greg Bauch.

"From Cellino's Barns." HAHAHAA.

"Yous Guys." That is Matt Carlucci's.

"Everything Parmed." That comes from Trending Buffalo.

Richard Doran suggests "JoAnn Fillyetta." Ha, ha! He used to work for the Buffalo Philharmonic.

Everyone, get a horse in this race. Put your horse name on Twitter with the hashtag #BuffaloHorseNames.

Let's keep this hash tag on top.

We will not be unseated!

A Rare, Rare Picture

As promised in today's Buzz column, here is the rare picture of deejay Anita West looking stressed, included in Phil Pantano's photo exhibit.


The way we are used to seeing Anita:




As Buzz promises in the paper today, Phil Pantano's exhibit is a rare chance to catch Anita West looking downcast. Clearly Phil Pantano is a man of genius.

Catch the exhibit while you can!

Local Supermarket Branches Out

Buzz's buddy Ryan Lysarz, who works in UB's purchasing department as in an expert on all things purchasing, brings these exotic creations to our attention.


Ryan writes: "This is a perfect example of why I like to buy my fruit at a farmer's market."

Buzz is not sure we agree. We want to enjoy everything!

Maybe some day Lewiston will hold a peacherine festival. It has a certain ring to it.

The Peacherine Queen!

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