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Tavern Picks Up the Slack In Music Education


You know the big flap surrounding music education in the schools, or the lack thereof?

Luckily Gene McCarthy's Tavern, the historic pub on Hamburg Street, has stepped up to the plate -- er, the podium.

Sounds like a good solution to us. You wait till you're grown up, and then you go the music school, along with beer school. That is what Gene McCarthy's is calling it, beer school.

Besides beer they have on hand a cellist and a pianist. Beer, cello and piano, what else does a human being require? Here is a taste of what you get:

Johann Sebastian Bach with a locally brewed Maibock!

A Faure Pavanne, paired with a French farmhouse ale!

Johannes Brahms (a world-class beer lover, by the way) with a barley wine!

Serge Rachmaninoff and a dark, locally brewed stout!

Buzz will be stout when we get through with this! Class begins Monday at 7 p.m. It is limited to 30 people. It costs $20 which buys you 10 samples of different beers, your first pint free, one cheese plate per every two participants, and a cup of gazpacho.

Gotta love it, Beer School.

Music to our ears!


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