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The Next Craze, After Chicken Wings, Could Be ...

Pricerite 005

Chicken Paws!

We took this photo at Price Rite on Elmwood.

Don't chicken out!

Paul Crapsi's Sling Shot

Today's Buzz column continues the saga of the adventures of Paul Crapsi, candidate for Family Court Judge.

Here is the exclusive picture of him in a sling.


Fine with us if it gives him a shot in the arm.

He's earned it!

Motorhead in Lewiston Goes Viral


That Lewiston motorhead is famous! Our post about him has been getting large numbers of hits. And now we see why.

Readers are being referred from a site called imotorhead!

There is a metal band called Motorhead -- with a capriciously placed umlaut over the second "o." That is Motorhead pictured above. And the Motorhead Buzz post was being scrolled across the top of the site, as the latest Motorhead news.

All these disappointed Motorhead metalheads! They come here to the Buzz Blog all revved up thinking they will read about Motorhead and instead it is about the Lewiston Jazz Festival.

Sorry, Motorhead fans! 

We think they will understand.

Judging from the look of the band ...


... these folks have a healthy sense of humor!

Still Life With Motorhead

Guercios 003

What's a guy to do when the main stage of the Lewiston Jazz Festival is practically right in his own back yard?

Work on his car, of course! Or truck, as the case may be.

Buzz took this idyllic picture Saturday on a Lewiston side street as we arrived for the jazz festivities around noon. The street was right around the corner from the main stage and we could hear the Mike Kaupa Quintet wailing away.

When we emerged from the festival, hours later, that motorhead was still there, under his vehicle!

He must have heard us laughing because stuck his head out and talked with us. He said he has lived in Lewiston a long time and yes, he could enjoy the music from where he was.

Hats off to this gentleman.

A man enjoying his Saturday!

Goo Goo Dolls Pay Homage to Jackie Jocko


The Goo Goo Dolls, in town this weekend for what Jeff Miers said was a great show at Darien Lake, reportedly made it a priority to stop into E.B. Green's to greet Jackie Jocko, the legendary piano man.

Jocko reported Saturday that two of them stopped in.

"Which two?" Buzz asked.

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Strange Waterfront Bedfellows

2013-08-23 034

Flowers and barbed wire, an unbeatable combination!
We should get Guns 'N Roses to play here.

Air Force 1's Surprise Buffalo Destination



Our Facebook friend Dave snapped this picture of Air Force 1 heading into the Buffalo airport. It is pretty thrilling, you know?

Maybe not to Dave.

He wrote: "I bet they go for the Super Kiss at Delta Sonic."


Military Group Joins Battle To Save St. Ann's Church

A meeting tonight at 7 at St. Columba-Brigid Church to strategize on saving beautiful St. Ann's Church, which has been condemned by the Buffalo diocese, is shaping up to have a touch of military might.

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Buffalo's Heftiest Treat

Guercios 001

Every once in a while we have to go to Guercio's and venerate the 5-kilogram chocolate bar.

Guercio's being as close as we get to a perfect world, you get to choose dark or milk chocolate. And after that, as you can see in the picture, you may choose between Refined and Intense.

Intense it is!

The Weird Food Eclipse

The Extreme Chicken Wing Hip-Hop Video was a sign. For one moment, one brief shining moment, Buffalo is the food capital of the world.

Our food is weirder and better than anybody's!

In today's Gusto, Food Critic Andrew Galarneau writes of a “seafood trio presented in dessert forms,” starting with octopus and squid ink “Oreos." And  foie gras doughnuts with Jamaican coffee crema dipping sauce. They are at Butterwood Sweet and Savory.

Meanwhile, let us wallow in the new foods that have debuted at this year's Erie County Fair. There is a Bacon Bomb. A Deep-Fried Bacon Cinnamon Roll. Alligator and Shark Kabobs. Deep-Fried Gummy Bears. Shrimp Dogs. And our favorite, immortalized in a photo by our friend Ryan Lysarz ...

Pig Butt on a Stick!


Not Pork Butt, Pig Butt!

Alas, gather ye pig butts while ye may, because time is a-flying. The fair runs through Sunday, and at Butterwood, Andrew writes that the chef is soon to be simplifying many of the menu items. No more foie gras doughnuts, alas! None of these delicacies is here for long.

The moral of the story: Eat up.

For a few precious days, this is one great gourmet town.

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