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Singing the Blues at the Pine Grill Reunion

Lyrics are on our brain, lyrics that bluesman Ray Schinnery sang at the Pine Grill Reunion, Sunday night in Martin Luther King Park. That is a taste of his artistry above! But really, if you were not there last night, you should have been. Take it, Ray!

"Party on Saturday, church on Sunday, then your fun is over, back to work on Monday. I'm here to tell the whole world/Ain't that the blues!"

Ha, ha!

Ain't that the truth!

Other words we liked:

"People, I believe that my woman is putting stuff in my food. ... I do believe this evening that my woman is putting stuff in my food."

"I refuse to have a boss to keep from hounding me."

"Woman, don't you roll your damn eyes at me."

And a blues for the henpecked husband:

"I can't even talk in my own home" (Guitar wails) ... "you got me so scared! I can't cough or sneeze. I'm so scared I can't cough or sneeze! My friends want to know, are you a man or a mouse?" (Repeated several times, as guitar wails grow in intensity.) "All I can see is shut the heck up, and pass me the damn cheese!"

We heard a gentleman on a lawn chair behind us say, "I like that."


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