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Buffalo Radio Legend Mistaken For British Knight

Loquacious legend and Buffalo Broadcasting Hall of Fame inductee Shane Brother Shane ...


... was at a gas station the other day, gassing up the ol' WYSL MYSL, when a couple got out of an SUV and approached him.

"Are you Sir Ian McKellen? he asked. "My wife says you are."

Sir Ian McKellen ...


... having never cracked Top 40 Radio, Shane had no idea who he was. He said no.

The gentleman then asked, "Have you ever been told you look just like him?"

"No," said Shane. Never at a loss for words, he hit them with a swashbuckling torrent of them: "As a kid heard Eastwood, then I heard Crocodile Dundee everywhere! Lately I hear a lot of Jean-Luc Picard, but I don’t know your guy, sorry.” 


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