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Cattlemen Invade Buffalo


 Last night the lounge of E.B. Green's in the Hyatt downtown was full of cattle marketers here for the AgMedia Summit, a convention that starts today. They talked shop as Jackie Jocko played.

You would not think of Buffalo as the typical grazing ground for such a summit, but we are! That was the impression we got from talking with conventioneer Kent "Jake" Jaecki. It was funny, Jake Jaecki and Jackie Jocko, both in the same room.

Jake said AgMedia searches out cities that are mid-sized big, as opposed to way big and too expensive. Last year they met in Albuquerqe, N.M. Other years they have met in Indianapolis, Ind., and Kansas City, Mo. Now there is a cattle town, Kansas City. But the grass is apparently just as green in Buffalo. AgMedia's summit here has the slogan, "Just Wing It."

The ranchers have been having a great time winging it so far, Jake said.

"Downtown is amazing," he drawled. "The difference in architetecture! It's so eclectic. We thought Buffalo was going to be more industrial and blue-collar. But it's way more friendly than other cities."

It sure looked as if he personally was having a great time!

We heard him tell Cindy the bartender: "Honey, you and Ah are going to become good friends this week."

Jake comes from Oklahoma City, hence our picture up above of Oklahoma cattle. (We lifted it from the Oklahoma Farm Report. Don't have a cow, man!) His friend Diane, who spent a lot of time on the piano bench with Jocko, comes from Texas. She was tall and good-looking as Texas women are, with tons of sparkling jewelry.

Jake said: "She's the only friend Ah have who's been to both mah marriages and all three of mah divorces."

Jocko said: "Do all your exes live in Texas?"

What nice people.

This is one convention that won't steer us wrong!


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