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Next Time You Have To Take Off Your Shoes At The Airport...

Vengerov... consider the case of the dapper Siberian violinist Maxim Vengerov, pictured at left. 

Vengerov has played all over the world, including in Buffalo. He is a respected violinist. And still!

He was crossing a border in Europe and had to open his violin case at an airport so officials could see what was inside.

And not only that, but he had to play it!

Apparently the officials did not believe it was his violin, and that was his only way out of the situation. Ha, ha! What if they didn't believe that Buzz owned our laptop? Would we have to write something on the Buzz blog while they watched, to prove it?

Airports just get more and more entertaining!

You can read Maxim's story and see pictures on British critic Normal Lebrecht's blog.



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