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An electrifying story from the Erie County Fair


Just the way everyone hears a Beethoven symphony differently, each in his own way, so is the Erie County Fair experience unique to every person. In today's News Buzz writes about our experience with pigs, heifers and the Parking Lot exhibit. We also love the story in today's News about the couple who have been going to the Erie County Fair every year since the 1950s.

Our friend Ryan Lysarz has his own particular spark.

Ryan hit the Erie County Fair yesterday. He was watching the Indian dancing, entranced -- Ryan is of Mohawk heritage -- when his attention was diverted.

There was a Dodge Omni parked nearby, part of an electrical demonstration.

Ryan announced to his Facebook friends: "We're going back at 5 o'clock to see what they're going to do to that poor Omni. It looks like it's hooked up to high voltage wires."

And lo! He reported what happened: 

"So, they electrified it with 7,000 volts, and then touched it with a hot dog on a stick."

The inevitable Buffalo comments ensued.

"I wish they had blown it up," someone said.

And another articulated the question that was, let's admit it, on everyone's mind.

"Did someone eat the hot dog?" she asked. "I'll bet it was a Sahlen."


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