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On the Waterfront, Strings ... and More Strings

Ruins 011

 There is nothing like hanging out at the Ruins of a summer evening, enjoying a glass of box Lake Niagara wine and the impressively synchronized singing of the Canal Street String Band.

"About 150 years ago, Canal Street was like Chippewa Street," guitarist Dave Ruch told the crowd. Hahahaa... that is putting it kindly!

The band was smoking, as they say, which turned the Ruins into the Smoking Ruins.

It started out small with Ruch joined by Jim Whitford and City Fiddle Phil.

Then Mark Panfil came up with his harp.

Then Doug Yeomans came up with his guitar.

Then Cathy Carfagna came up with her accordion.

Then Gretchen Banaszak, City Fiddle Phil's wife, came up with her fiddle.

All these people kept joining the band! And nobody ever left!

Buzz's brother George, who was there with us, said: "Eventually we'll be sitting here by ourselves, looking at this enormous band."

Could happen! 

Whoever is up on stage, though, the musicians stay true to their mission.

"This material will be a little modern for this band," Ruch apologized, introducing one number. "It was written in the 1920s."



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